Walking with Nick

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Walking with Nick was originally designed to share information about the events of March 15, 2008 and Nicholas' journey in "the system" throughout the last 7 years.  Since that horrific day in March, Nicholas has become a man that I am proud to call my brother & my best friend!  Through all of the pain and heartache he has shown resilience and I would like to share some of his good stories with you.


On May 21, 2015, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit responded to our appeal of the United State Federal District Court.

First and foremost...this is the first time in over 7 years in which we feel that Nicholas' case was fully reviewed.  It has been easy for previous courts to dismiss even the most important of facts of this case.  What is difficult is to look at a man that was involved in a quadruple vehicular accident and try to understand the details of what science and technology prove.

The three judges in the Federal Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit unanimously found that the accident reconstruction was "mistakenly" omitted from the case file over a period of years in the court system.  They determined that because this evidence was omitted the case should be reviewed again and the judge should have access to all of the details of the accident reconstruction.

Additionally, the judges determined that because this evidence was uncovered after Nicholas was sentenced, it is plausible that there could have been a different outcome in this case.  If the evidence would have been present prior to Nicholas following his previous attorney's instructions to throw himself on the mercy of the Mercer County Court, the case could have ended differently.

From day one in this case, the Mercer County Sheriff and the Mercer County Prosecutor stood by their decision to not fully investigate this accident.  They've also stood by the fact that even though evidence was destroyed, they feel their wouldn't have been a different outcome.  We believe that this stance has not only forced us to investigate this accident on our own but it has also negatively affected the families of the four young men whom lost their lives that night.

As always, we believe that the truth will set us all free!  Freedom from hatred and freedom to forgive.

If you would like to read the response from the United States Federal Court of Appeals for the Sixth District please click on the link on the top right of this page titled Court Documents. 

So, what's the next step.  In the next 90 days there will be an evidentiary hearing with the United State District Court.  During this hearing we will have the opportunity to present witnesses which back up the accident reconstruction evidence.  There will also be other witnesses called to corroborate additional details of Nicholas' case.

We appreciate your continued support and prayers for Nicholas and our family. The last 7 years have been so difficult for everyone involved.  We believe that your prayers and support have sustained us all. God bless and stay tuned...

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