Walking with Nick

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How you can help Nicholas...

Support these programs in which Nicholas is involved...

More information about the W.A.G.S. 4 Kids program and how Nicholas is working with this dog training program. http://www.wags4kids.org/

More information about the Heart to Heart Program and how Nicholas is involved in speaking with at risk youth at Grafton Correctional Institution.

Support Nicholas by writing a letter...

John Kasich, Ohio Governor, is currently working to reduce the prison population in Ohio.  As we are working through the final stages of Nicholas' post conviction relief, we want to share our story with the governor.  Our hope is that he will take the time to learn more about Nicholas and his case.  We want to encourage Governor Kasich to take notice that many in our county government decided to overlook the majority of the evidence in this case.  We want him to see that this has happened in Nicholas' case and probably in many other cases across the state.

Nicholas is currently incarcerated in a level 2 security prison. He is a man that made a terrible mistake.  A man who is truly sorry for his actions.  A man that will live everyday with the thoughts of the four young men who died as a result of this accident.

The prison system in the state of Ohio is a system which doesn't rehabilitate.  Nicholas entered the system as one person.  He is slowly assimilating into a person that has violent thoughts.  He has these thoughts because of the fight or flight scenarios he faces on a daily basis. As we have learned taking the flight route in prison affects that person in a more adverse way.

We don't dispute that Nicholas should be incarcerated.  We know that his actions the night of the accident were wrong.  However, we do feel that putting a man with a good soul in prison won't turn out a rehabilitated member of society.

We ask for your help! 
1. ) Nicholas needs letters to keep him strong during his daily struggles.  
2. ) Write a letter to Governor Kasich.
You can send a letter to Governor Kasich in a number of ways.
1. ) Cut and paste the letter below to the following web address.  You can then electronically send this letter to Governor Kasich.
Governor of Ohio, John Kasich

2. ) E-Mail us at walkingwithnick@gmail.com & I will send the form letter to you as an attachment.  All you will have to do is print, sign and mail.

3. ) Write you own letter to Governor Kasich and mail it to...
Governor John Kasich
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 S. High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Copy the letter below...then click on the link to Governor John Kasich above and paste the letter into the Ideas section.  You will need to add your personal *required information and then press submit.

Dear Governor, 

We are deeply troubled by Ohio's continued imprisonment of Nicholas Robert Schwieterman, who was under undue pressure by his attorneys to take a plea agreement which convicted him of four counts of involuntary manslaughter in 2008, and sentenced at age 23 to four consecutive six year sentences without parole.

The minimal evidence presented by the prosecution was collected by the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department—evidence that didn’t include an accident reconstruction from the Ohio State Highway Patrol, facts from each of the car’s black boxes because they were destroyed by the Sheriff’s Department, or an autopsy which wasn’t completed because the County Coroner, “didn’t have to complete an autopsy.”  A full expose of the case can be found at www.walkingwithnick.com.

You are currently working to reduce the amount of money our state’s taxpayers pay for inmates in our prison system. Nicholas is a non-violent person and is truly remorseful for his actions. However, the law classifies him as a violent offender because of an accident.   To date the taxpayers have paid over $150,000 for Nicholas to be incarcerated.  When Nicholas reaches his out-date in October of 2032 our state will have paid over half of a million dollars for his incarceration.  It was, before his sentencing, and still is our feeling that Nicholas needed to pay for his crime by doing time.  However, we feel that the next 17 years of his sentence could be better served by giving Nicholas the opportunity to give back to this state and our communities.

Nicholas, his family, his friends have struggled with these tragic errors by the system. Nicholas' supporters have long awaited the wise court decision that would right the wrong and set him free.  At this time the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has remanded Nicholas' case back to the United States Federal District Court.

His fate is now in the hands of those who have the power to enact change. In the name of truth, we implore you to look at this case and do what you can to help bring the facts of this case to the forefront.


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